Is Your Career Site Usable?

Determine the user friendliness of your candidate experience with our candidate usability quiz.

  1. Is a link to your career site located on the home page of your main web site?
  2. From your career site home page, how many clicks does it take to get to a list of open jobs?
  3. Is your career site branded with your logo and company colors?
  4. Do you have links to social networking sites on your career site?
  5. Is your career site and online application usable in a variety of browsers?
  6. Is your career site 508 compliant?
  7. Can applicants access your careers and online application on a mobile device?
  8. Do you have videos that give applicants a vision of what it would be like to work for you?
  9. How understandable are your job titles to the average Joe?
  10. How much information do you present to the applicant about each job?
  11. Is there a way to chat with a real person about the online application?
  12. Within your application, do you have prescreening questions related to the job?
  13. How much information do you collect on the initial online application?