myStaffingPro Releases Texting Module

Lima, OH (June, 11, 2018) – myStaffingPro announced today the release of its new texting module, which allows HR managers using the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system (ATS) to reach out via text to potential employees.

In this time of low unemployment, the pool of job candidates that are currently employed is growing larger and larger. Many employed job candidates are uncomfortable with receiving phone calls or emails at their current place of business. Receiving status updates from potential employers via text can protect a candidate’s privacy, while eliciting a much quicker response for recruiters and HR managers.  

With the new add-on, texts can be automatically sent when a job candidate achieves a new status, or can be sent to individual candidates when an HR manager requires a response to move the hiring process forward.

Because text use is very individual, the texting add-on gives candidates the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out.  Businesses will only be texting candidates who want to hear from them—and hear from them now.


About myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro develops, markets and sells the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, a software solution which helps HR managers recruit and qualify job candidates, track feedback and results, and onboard new employees. myStaffingPro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex, Inc. To learn more about myStaffingPro, visit