Onboarding Software to Make the First Day a Snap

Often hiring managers do not know all the requirements of the onboarding process. That’s why HR professionals design their myStaffingPro process to make it simple for new employees and managers to fill out required paperwork and complete employee onboarding efficiently.


  • No paper required

    Let's face it. Busy people aren't good at keeping track of paperwork. With myStaffingPro, your hiring managers may never have to touch any new hire paperwork. Simply provide your new employee with a link to the myStaffingPro portal, and they'll be walked through documents such as Form I-9, W-4s, state withholding forms, direct deposit authorizations, and anything else your business requires.

  • A staffing pro at your service

    OK. But what happens if there is a technical difficulty? myStaffingPro is one of the only applicant tracking systems with U.S.-based phone support for both your management team and job candidates. We’ll act as your technical support, so you don’t have to.

  • Hello and welcome to company awesome

    Employees want to get an idea of the bigger picture on their first day. myStaffingPro onboarding can be personalized with welcome letters, videos, employee handbooks, policy guidelines and other documents to let employees know that your company is a great place to work—and has a mission.

  • Stop being insecure

    A "locked" file cabinet stuffed with papers in a hiring manager's office is likely not a safe place for personal information. myStaffingPro allows new employees to enter and submit forms on a secure, encrypted site with dual authentication. Once their forms are complete, the system collects e-signatures.

Advance Your Onboarding Efforts as Your Business Grows

As your business grows, myStaffingPro offers advanced onboarding modules for our enterprise-level clients:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

    Eliminate duplicate data entry into Microsoft Dynamics GP® with seamless data integration.

  • HRIS Integration

    Automatically export new hire data into dozens of HR or payroll systems.

  • Custom Integration

    Securely transfer sensitive employee data into proprietary document storage systems.

HRIS Integrations

Paychex          Bamboo HR            Ascentis        Microsoft Dynamics