Recruiting Analytics to Help Decrease Your Time-to-Fill

Management wants to know why it's taking so long to fill positions at your company. With myStaffingPro recruiting analytics, you can analyze time-to-fill, sub-cycle, and aging through customizable hiring metrics reports, then design solutions for a more efficient process.

  • Where Do I Find the Best Employees?

    Knowing where your applicants are coming from—and more importantly, which sources produce the best employees—is powerful data that company executives crave. With myStaffingPro you can run reports to discover where your applicant pool is coming from, which sources are producing hires, and even match your top-producing employees with the source they came from.

  • How Much Is All This Hiring Costing Me?

    Companies that hire en masse want to know how much they're paying recruiters, employment agencies, headhunters and job boards to fill their roles. myStaffingPro's ad-hoc reporting allows you to enter recruiting expenses, and then see what your cost-to-hire is for each new employee.

  • What Jobs Do We Need to Fill Now?

    All the analytics in the world can't help your time-to-fill if you're not on top of the job requisitions open now. myStaffingPro's customizable aging reports allow you to see what requisitions are still open, so you can focus your resources on getting them filled.

  • Why Is It Taking So Long to Fill Our Positions?

    Top companies know that empty positions can cost businesses millions in lost revenue. That's why HR professionals are increasingly obsessed with reducing time-to-fill. myStaffingPro's time-to-fill reporting allows you to not only see the overall picture of your hiring efficiency, but to drill down by hiring manager, recruiter, location, and sub-cycle—giving you the full picture of your bottlenecks.

Consulting & Training to Help You Build Powerful Hiring Reports

Our dynamic recruiting analytics system can create hundreds of different types of reports that can help you learn more about your recruiting sources, time-to-fill, and cost-to-hire. We'll work with you during implementation to create a dashboard to meet your organization's needs. Our implementation experts can work to fine-tune the system based on your specifications.

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