Store Applications, Job Requisitions & More

Keep job requisitions, applicant resumes, questionnaire responses, and the status of applications in a secure, online location that’s accessible to recruiters and hiring managers when (and only when) they need it.

  • Treat your applicants well

    A job applicant took valuable time to fill out your company's application. Store the information in an applicant tracking system that respects that time. myStaffingPro keeps candidate information in an easy-to-scan sortable format, so you can quickly see the status of each and every job applicant, and send them timely information when they need it.

  • Post a job lickedy-split

    It's easy to lose track of job descriptions, application forms, and questionnaires. Creating new ones takes a lot of time and coordination. myStaffingPro stores all your recruiting documents in one easy-to-use, sortable, user-friendly library. And when you're ready to post a new job to the online job boards you've identified and chosen? Just click a button.

  • Take the controls

    Every hiring process is unique. That's why myStaffingPro's applicant tracking dashboard is completely customizable. We'll work with you during implementation to make sure your dashboard displays the data you need it to. And if it's not quite right? We're here to help you fine tune.

Control Access to Applicant Data and Improve Tracking as Your Business Grows

As your business grows, myStaffingPro offers advanced tracking and controls options for our enterprise-level clients:

  • Define Access for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    Simplify and define user designations for hiring managers and recruiters, and limit access to assigned candidates and requisitions.

  • Provide and Control Access for Vendors

    Invite key vendors to review requisitions and submit candidates by offering them limited access to the myStaffingPro portal.

  • Custom Vendor Portals

    Work with myStaffingPro to create a unique vendor portal.

  • Client-Specific Documents and Forms

    Integrate your custom documents and/or forms to your hiring process.

  • Customize Manager Feedback Fields

    Establish and set standard metrics for hiring managers who are providing candidate feedback.

  • Establish Reason Codes

    Customize and define reason codes for updating a candidate's status.

  • Define Candidate Status Progressions

    Ensure that users follow your process for candidate workflow, preventing the omission of important steps.