myStaffingPro Announces Candidate Experience Spotlight Series

Companies are increasingly merging their consumer branding efforts with their employer brand. Retaining workers in the information age is getting more and more difficult, as talented employees are regularly bombarded with new opportunities. Organizations are now recognizing that there are significant revenue losses when their people jump ship, and that there’s an overall negative effect on sales when they’re reputation as a good place to work slips.

myStaffingPro is responding to the increased attention on employer brand with new features in its signature applicant tracking system solution. Recruiting services and holding companies will now be able to swap logos when posting job ads for different brands. The team is also working on opt-in texting capabilities, giving employers the ability to quickly respond to talented job applicants via their mobile devices.

With over 20 years of experience developing human resources technology, myStaffingPro will be releasing a new series of articles and white papers in September to discuss this trend. The Candidate Experience Spotlight Series will guide mid-sized businesses through developments in talent acquisition, and will provide insight into where top employees are looking and how to attract them.